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Dear Readers, Friends,


'Great News!!' AMERICAN EXPRESS TRAVEL HAS ASKED ME TO HOST A GROUP OF FRIENDS & READERS on a Special Mediterranean cruise in MAY, 2004. Only fifty couples on a first-class luxury cruise-ship with many special events and amenities. I shall certainly be there, along with my husband, Richard. If you are interested in taking this cruise you can contact me through my "EA's Mediterranean Cruise" Icon (coming soon), and I will be sure to get you the information, as soon as it becomes available - which should be within the next few weeks.

To all of you who have written such wonderful e-mails, I apologize for not replying, my only excuse being that I’m deep in the middle of writing my new book, with the title


to be published in Summer 2004!

It’s unforgivably rude not to have replied, but I’m truly so consumed with what I’m writing that my head refuses to veer off on a tangent. Much gets neglected around here at these times.
However, not my lovely kitties.

When I last wrote a newsletter I had my rescued cat, Sunny, black, with peridot-green eyes and just a little-bitty boy. Well, now he's huge and even more gorgeous – And, he has a friend, Sweet Pea, my new Seal Point Siamese –– with eyes the color of the Mediterranean on a summer's day. He was born Jan 4th and so resembles my beloved Coco, who died last year leaving a great gap in my life, that I knew instantly he was part of our family. He is such a naughty boy, wicked as they come, playful, crazy, loving and as sweet as his name. Here are some recent pictures so you can see what both kittens look like.

Sweet Pea as a kitten
Sunny, now 6 months old

Sweet Pea at 3 months (above) and both kittens playing (below)

Meanwhile, SUMMER IN TUSCANY is published in paperback this week. It's in the stores now, and it will entertain you with a wildly romantic and funny story, and will also take you on a "tour" of some of my favorite places in Italy.

My next hardcover novel will published in early September, and is called THE HOTEL RIVIERA. As the title promises the story revolves around a small hotel set in lush gardens overlooking the Mediterranean on the Côte d’Azure. It's a place where the young chef/owner cossets her eccentric group of guests, who also help in her search for her missing husband…… as does the man moored in his shabby black boat out in "her" cove – and with whom she falls in love. She will also regale you with delicious dinners on the terrace with the scent of jasmine, cold rosé wine and delectable food. This book is so delicious my publisher said – and I quote – "I just wanted to lick the page.…"

INVITATION TO PROVENÇE which I shall finish this month is the story of a family reunion at an old château in Provençe…. An area I lived and know well, and again, I’ll evoke the "spirit of the place" for you so you will be there too.

Meanwhile, I’m so grateful for all your wonderful e-mails and I love that you love my novels. It’s so encouraging to hear from you when I’m in the hardest part of my solitary work….. and I promise once this book is finished I shall reply to each and every one of you.

All my good wishes,

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