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Dear Friends & Readers,

Well, somehow it’s Christmas again! Time has flown so quickly this year, I can hardly remember where I’ve been and what I’ve’ done. Except that I have finished my new book (the title is ONE OF THOSE MALIBU NIGHTS) to be published in July of next year. In fact, it’s almost This Year – since 2008 is just around the corner, and I’m already at work on a future novel.


     But first… Christmas. This time we’re spending it at home and with friends, and of course the two kitties, who have already unraveled the gift wrappings and are currently wallowing in tissue paper (which for some reason, probably the crinkly noise it makes) they love.

     Sunny had a traumatic time when he would not eat or drink, and spent a week at the vets, while Sweet Pea managed to cut her ear, so we’re simply glad to have two healthy happy cats once more.

    Friends are coming to visit from France and we’re taking them to Las Vegas – which will be quite a contrast from the bucolic French countryside and the medieval villages near which they live! Should be fun, especially the shows. In fact these friends and their home in the Dordogne often show up in my novels, under the pseudonym of Red & Jerry Shoup!

     After that, its quiet time again. I’ll be back at the computer at seven, with a cup of tea and Sweet Pea attempting to divert me by pounding across the keyboard, while I attempt to solve the next mystery and follow the new characters in their entertaining lives.

    Meanwhile, I, and my family, send you and yours, all good wishes for the New Year, and we wish you a very Merry Christmas.





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