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My latest novel "It All Began In Monte Carlo" HB is in the stores Now.

"There's Something About St. Tropez" in Trade Paperback is in the stores Now.




Dear Friends and Readers,

I know, it's been so long since I wrote a newsletter, too long, in fact, but with th publication of my new novel on July 7, I had to be in touch again. Not that I want to boast but I believe this is my best story, yet. When I delivered it to my Publisher, St. Martin's Press, I told them I was sending them a wonderful book. They agreed!



The title is THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT ST. TROPEZ, and since you already know how much I love St. Tropez and the South of France, and how familiar I am with that area, then you will also know the book is full of those small details that make the place come to life for you….. what I personally ate for lunch, the rosé wines I drank, the secret abandoned villa, and is it haunted? The pair of children, a boy of eleven, a girl seven, each feeling abandoned, both of them too young for heartbreak and too young to know danger.

Add to the mix a handful of international misfits, each hoping to work out their own personal lives with the rental of Chez Violette.

And then of course, there's Mac Reilly, the Malibu P.I. famous for his TV series, and as nice a guy as you would ever want to meet. And Sunny Alvarez, his fiancée and would-be helper in solving the mysteries that surround the villa, and the art thefts plaguing the Riviera.

If that isn't enough to keep you up nights reading, then I must tell you I am joining the Twitter generation, as well as Facebook. So now I'll be able to keep in contact with you much more speedily, even if only to post photos of exactly where I am eating that lunch and sipping that rosé wine.

Right now, of course, although There's Something About St. Tropez will be published next week, as will the trade paperback of One Of Those Malibu Nights (the book in which we first meet Mac and Sunny) I am working on my next novel to be published next year!

This title is currently It Started In Monte Carlo, and if you are following the Sunny and Mac story, and their relationship, the opening will come as a bit of a shocker. Obviously, it begins in Monte Carlo, but continues in Paris, Prague and in Mumbai and Rajasthan, India. New territory for me, and for you, my readers, to whom I owe so much. Thank you for your loyalty, and your praise. It makes everything worthwhile.

I'm always writing about relationships, about love and sex, and the importance of togetherness in our lives, and with all the turmoil currently around us, it is even more important to treasure those you love, and to keep faith in yourself and your loved ones. I feel it's the duty of a writer to be able to take you away from all those day-to-day problems, and take you on a warm, loving - and oh yes, fun - journey. Believe me, I am always thinking of you when I'm writing.

Look for me on Facebook, I'll be posting some new pics, and on Twitter. And of course, on Amazon, Kindle and in your local Barnes & Noble, Borders, or wherever your nearest bookstore may be.

All my loving good wishes to you,






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