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Dear Readers, Friends,

     Thank you so much for the warm and complimentary e-mails. It's always a thrill to know you are out there, reading my stories, enjoying the characters I create and who live I my head for the months it takes me to write a novel.


      I'm always asked how I dream up these people and their stories, and the truth is I really don't know.  It's almost like second nature, or perhaps another part of me, a second 'me.'  When I'm writing I live two lives, those of my characters, and of course my own, and sometimes they become intermingled, though I'm not confessing exactly where and how! 
     Of course partly it's through my travels, something I enjoy so much.  In fact I can still remember things from years ago, like the way the fettuccini with lobster tasted at the beach café called Plage Keller in Cap d'Antibes, and the first time I drank what is now my favorite local South of France rosé wine, Chateau Minuty L'Observatoire, in an old and famous restaurant in Golfe Juan called Tétou, first opened in the 1920's as an inexpensive joint on the beach by a fisherman, and which has since become famous for the best bouillabaisse on the coast.  We drank the wine in the company of good friends from Vienna, though I noticed that recently Angelina and Brad were pictured dining there during the Cannes Film Festival!

     And here's how they make that famous bouillabaisse. A tray of maybe half-a-dozen different fishes fresh from the sea that morning, are brought to your table and shown to you, each is named, then filleted perfectly.  No stray bones to bother you here!  Next they are cooked quickly in the delicious reddish/brown broth, brewed from a dozen other fishes and their shells, and properly spiced.  The soup is served first, with baguette toasts and rouille, a garlicy paste.  Then the plate of freshly-cooked fish is placed on top of your 'cauldron' of broth to keep warm, and to be served in, your 'bouillabaisse.'  Perfect!  It can also be ordered with langoustines, Mediterranean crayfish, like small clawless lobsters.  Or you may simply order the delicate Dover Sole, or a several other fish, all fresh and perfect. 

     If you can get to Tétou, do not miss it.  It's still that 'shack' on the beach, though now it's an elegant shack, and still family-run, by the descendants of that old fisherman.

     Speaking of Cannes, my latest novel, ONE OF THOSE MALIBU NIGHTS (publication date July 8) takes place partly at the Cannes Film Festival, so you will be drinking rosé in spirit along with girl-next door Hollywood movie star on-the-lam, Allie Ray, while my new hero MAC REILLY, star of his own TV show Mac Reilly's Malibu Mysteries, as well as what the tabloids have dubbed 'PI To The Stars,' is on the trail of those out to destroy her.  Of course his lover, side-kick, SUNNY ALVAREZ, beautiful Latina and Wharton Business School graduate who manages to create chaos wherever she goes, is very much involved.  As are their dogs, Sunny's fiend-on-four-paws, the chihuahua, Tesoro, and Mac's three-legged one eyed rescue dog, Pirate.  Trouble is Tesoro is jealous of Mac, and Mac has the scars to prove it.  Tesoro is also jealous of Pirate, who is kept at bay, just the way Mac is. In fact the dogs are the reason Mac and Sunny cannot get married - not until the dogs agree to call a truce that is, 'if ever'…..

     This is truly a fun story, full of travel and places, wonderful characters, and a pair of detectives, Mac and Sunny who will appear again in my next novel.  That's the one I'm writing now.  Its title is THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT ST. TROPEZ. You can guess where it's set.  I won't confuse you by telling you the story yet, but it's another Mac Reilly Malibu Mystery and Mac and Sunny are on the trail again, still unmarried, though there is now a heart-shaped pink-diamond ring on her finger, and their two dogs are still fighting with no sign of a truce.  'St. Tropez' is full of intrigue and I have to get back to it right this minute because there's soooo much story and I have to keep it in my head until it's on paper.  Of course, I can't sleep, but that's part of the writing game, and I have about a thousand bits of yellow paper with notes all over the house.

     Soon though, well not too soon, in September, Richard and I will be on our way to Europe again, in search of new places, new adventures, new wines and good food.  (I'm on a diet until then!)

     You may wonder where I write.  I've never been one for 'an office.' I can't bear that feeling of being confined in one space.  I've written at the kitchen table, at the bar in the family room, outdoors overlooking the golf course, the lake and the pool.  I'm fortunate enough to have a very large bedroom with a sitting area that has enormous windows overlooking that view.  There's also a window in front of my desk looking out at the orange trees we planted five years ago, and where until a few weeks ago a hummingbird had built her nest.  Now, a hummingbird nest is a miracle of miniaturized engineering, perfectly crafted to hold a pair of tiny eggs, the size of those little Easter candies and in that same perfect blue.  Then one morning there they were:  two miniature birds, little 'birdlets' really, naked, and all beak, with mommy hummingbird busy flying in and out with tidbits.  I watched them grow day-by-day until they had feathers and were overflowing the sides of that nest.  Then one morning they were gone.  I was very sad until I saw them again.  I knew it was them because they were still small and always together, a hovering little pair on my hummingbird feeder.  Now it's a pleasure to see them daily, feeding and cavorting in my garden.  I feel proud as a new mom!

     I almost forgot to tell you something important, that MEET ME IN VENICE is also about to be published, this time in Trade Paperback.  For those of you who have not read the hardcover edition of this story, involving stolen antiquities, a Siamese cat named Maow, a heroine by the name of Precious Rafferty, and set in Shanghai and Paris, and of course in Venice, the Trade Paperback edition is equally as beautiful.  And for those who like me, who read in bed, it's so easy to hold.  And the story of murder and betrayal in gorgeous cities held me enthralled as I wrote it, so I'm certain it will you too.

     But now, dear readers, back to the novel in progress.  One more month and I will be finished.  I never want to admit how much work writing a novel is because I want you to believe it's as effortless as the way it reads, and as perfectly entertaining.  Because, though I am able to bring the places, the food, the wine, the travel, the characters into your homes, what I really hope I am doing is entertaining you.

     Happy reading with One Of Those Malibu Nights - and when you have finished, know that you will meet Mac and Sunny again in a new Mac Reilly Malibu Mystery next year.

            All my good wishes,.





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