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My Latest Hardcover Novel Meet Me In Venice is in Stores NOW!

On the New York Times Bestseller List: Sailing to Capri in stores in Trade Paperback in August.




Dear Readers, Friends,

       At last I can tell you that my new book MEET ME IN VENICE is in the stores, with a dazzling orange and gold jacket and excellent reviews – always something I appreciate.  But most of all I appreciate your thoughts on reading it.  The link between writer and reader is a very personal one, and since this story is a little different, I'm interested to know what you feel.  There's a marvelous mystery, a few murders – by whom you will wonder, until the very end, and it all involves a mysterious pearl that once belonged to the Empress of China.  Plus my Siamese cat Sweet Pea, plays a major role in unraveling the mystery! Clever little one that she is!


    SAILING TO CAPRI, published last year in hardcover, is now in the stores in trade paper back form, and that mega-yacht looks so tempting on the cover, I wish I were on it myself.  Do follow this group of assorted voyagers, banded together on this super-yacht by the Last Will & Testament of a tycoon who suspected he was going to be murdered.  Was he right?  Read it and find out.

      I've just finished (last week in fact) my next novel, with the title ONE OF THOSE MALIBU NIGHTS – another murder mystery, though kind of tongue in cheek and funny, and with of course lots of travel (Rome, Tuscany, Paris, the Dordogne – and lots of restaurants and good food and wine – my trade marks I think).  In fact the characters, a Malibu PI and his Latina girl-friend and would-be PI, plus their dogs – his mutt and her aristocratic and temperamental Chihuahua, are such fun I might even be tempted to write a sequel.

       Enough about 'work.'  I must tell you that recently – in March, in fact, I had hip replacement surgery.  It seems that hips can wear out at any age – though my left hip is quite perfect – but with this new type of surgery (and the best orthopedic surgeon in L.A. by the name of Dr Brad Penenberg) I was up and walking the same day, and out of hospital in two.  With physio, I was completely mobile in two weeks, and now it all seems like a dream.  And not a bad dream either.  There was no pain, no blood loss, no trauma.  And it's a lot better than having a wonky hip that stops a girl from dancing!

     I'm also proud to tell you that my son-in-law, Eric Avery, composed the music for Leonardo di Caprio's new eco/green movie, THE 11th HOUR, which will open in August, and like all Eric's compositions, it's wonderful.  As is this movie.  A must-see for all of us who care about life on our planet.

     I'm going off on holiday soon, a little cruise, then the South of France for a while, then driving up through France, stopping at a couple of wonderful auberge/restaurants, that no doubt you will be reading abut in my next novel.  Then on to stay with our friends at their lovely house, set in a hundred acres of glorious countryside, with all the little local markets and the medieval stone villages (some of which you will encounter in MALIBU NIGHTS).

     That's all my news for now.  Do take care in this hot weather (need I say that here in the desert it's 110 degrees) We have our 'misters' spraying cool water into the air outside and the air conditioning blasting inside.  But the beauty all around (which you will also encounter in MALIBU NIGHTS) is quite simply breathtaking.  Sweet Pea and Sunny are glued to the window watching a glorious little roadrunner strut his stuff.  Life is beautiful and I hope my stories bring some of this beauty into your lives.

My best to you ,





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