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My new novel SAILING
will be published in Hardcover this summer.

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Dear Friends and Readers,

We’re into a new year and I don’t seem to have had a minute to write anything but my new novel, which thankfully is now finished and will be with you in the summer.  In fact, I’m already starting on the next one, for 2007!


The holidays went by in a flash, complete with turkey and all the trimmings and – belatedly – I wish all of you a Merry Christmas.  To those who do not celebrate Christmas, I wish Happy Hanukkah, Kwanza, or any other festival that’s personal to you.  But I absolutely refuse to be ‘politically corrected’ by some unknown persons into wishing anyone Happy Holidays.  Celebrate what means something to you, is what I believe – and celebrate joyfully. 


New Year was brought in with great gusto in the company of friends.  We dined under the stars – one of the benefits of living in the desert, though of course there were heaters and furry wraps too….. plus good food and champagne and dancing.  I’m wishing all of you a very Happy New Year, and may we all stay healthy and peaceful.

We spent a few days in Mexico in November – always fun, and in February we go to Florida to visit Richard’s aunt, who will be 90 this year.  We’ll also see our friends from France who’ll be there escaping the cold and snow for a few weeks.  And since the new book I’m preparing takes place partly in Shanghai (as well as in Paris, Venice and the South of France) we’re planning on spending some time in China – when the weather warms up a bit (it was 9 degrees the other day, far too cold for a warm-blooded desert creature like me).

Anyhow dear readers, my latest novel which will be published in July of this year, is called SAILING TO CAPRI.  It’s about a Mediterranean cruise on a luxury yacht chartered by a deceased tycoon, who might, or might not have been murdered.  All the possible suspects are on board for the cruise – and the tycoon’s will is to be read on the final day, at his villa on Capri – when the truth will be discovered…. I loved writing it – hope you enjoy it….

My kitties, Sweet Pea and Sunny are wonderful as always. They find all the sunniest spots in the house and move with the sun…. very cute.  In fact adorable, at least I think so, even though Sunny who is my fat little sumo wrestler, insists on sleeping on my feet until I have to kick him off when they go numb.  Sweet Pea, of course, sleeps in my arms.  And Richard gets to sleep next to whatever part is available!

I thought I’d let you know that Bioelements, whose products I love have come out with a totally new make-up line.  The foundation is so lightweight it almost can’t be called ‘foundation,’ it just smooths out your skin and evens out the color.  It’s called Bioelements Sheer Make Up.  The face powder is called Smart Powder – and believe me it is, it’s the lightest and softest, plus it comes in prettiest mirror-shine compact.  And there are the beautiful sheer cheek powders, and lipsticks too.  




The products are not sold in stores but can be purchased from good Spas (you can find them on the ‘spa locator’ on Bioelements.com) or from several websites including: skin-one.com, or skinwest.com. As a medium blond I use Level 2 Sheer Makeup (foundation) and ‘Neutral’ Smart Powder.  Love it!

So, it’s on to the new novel for me.  Starting is always the best part – well, maybe finishing is better.  And I want to thank all of you who have e-mailed me, telling how much you loved The House In Amalfi.  It’s a very special book, and, I believe, a story that all women can relate to.  As women, our search for happiness goes on ……




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