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Dear readers - who I shall call ‘my friends’ because if you read my books you know a part of me.  There’s always a little bit of any writer in what they  write.   Perhaps it comes from some lost memory, or a dream, or simply wishful thinking, something I have done a lot of over the years.

I want to tell you about my new book, THE CHARMER,  the story of an attractive successful wealthy man, with a villa on the gorgeous Rivera, a Bentley in the garage, a plane at his disposal, and beautiful women falling over themselves to ‘catch’ him. 

Having said that, no I don’t know a man exactly like him, but I do know his background.  I know the Riviera on summer moonlit nights when fireworks shatter the blue-black sky, (somehow in the South of France the sky never seems really dark) music mixes with the surge of the frothy waves and the laughter from parties, where beautifully dressed girls mix with smart men and drink champagne and eat those delicious hors d’ouvres, dreamed up in the kitchens by international chefs, and served by white-gloved waiters.

What goes on behind locked doors, though, is another matter, as Mirabella finds out she inherits her supposedly murdered, Aunt Jolly’s villa right next door.  That is three acres of gardens away from the billionaire.  She also inherits the mystery of Jerusha, famous actress, singer, stage personality, who built the villa, and lived and loved – and mysteriously died there.  

Now it seems someone is also out to kill Mirabella.  
It will take he new neighbour, (name doctor) attractive and seemingly not interested in Mirabella, only in his job of reconstructive surgery on children with facial defects or injuries, to eventually come to her aid – and her side.
With many a twist and dangerous situation in between.  
Anyway, my dear readers, I feel sure you will be ‘charmed’ by The Charmer from beginning to end.
I always have a love/hate relationship with writing.  For starters it’s solitary, and time consuming when I might prefer to sit in the sun and drink a glass of rosé wine with friends, but there it is.  At the end of a day when I have on paper exactly what I wanted to say, what I wanted to tell you, it’s a very good feeling.
Meanwhile, real life goes on.  My remaining cat, my fourteen-year-old, Siamese, Sweet Pea, is suffering from dementia.  I can’t tell you how much it hurts me when I hear her howling, and see the lost look in her beautiful blue eyes.  Often she is calm and her old self, but I see her mental pain.  

What to do?  I am not brave enough, cold enough, to acknowledge that the vet is right and the only thing is to put her down, when she still sleeps curled against my legs at night, and gives me giant purrs.  Plus she is healthy, eating and drinking normally.  My husband, says it would be like ‘murder’.  I think he is right, and so we shall go on, until the sporadic howling becomes continual and we shall have no choice.  

Add to that, we are also moving house.  Life is chaotic.  My only escape is into my own mind, writing the next book, to come after The Charmer.  Plus that glass of rosé at the end of the day, and life and love and  family and friends.Oh, and cooking.  I still love that.

My best to you all, I think of you, my anonymous lovely readers, and the pleasure I bring you with my stories, is also my pleasure.





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