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Dear Readers - Friends -
     Of course I think of you as my friends because I believe you know me so well from my books, and I'm always happy to hear from you.

I'm fortunate, I have my darling kitties, Sweet Pea and Sunny to  keep me company in those long hours - days - weeks - months - of writing.  They make me laugh and never seem bored, though they do perk up when I leave the computer, hoping, no doubt, for some fun and games.

     My next novel MEET ME IN VENICE will be published in July and you will no doubt recognize the Siamese in the story as Sweet Pea, though in fact the episode with the eggs (I will tell you no more, you must read it in the book) really happened with my previous Siamese, my beloved Coco.  It's a true story - and was very funny.

     Now, I'm already on to the next, which is tentatively titled ONE NIGHT IN (?)  I'm leaving a question mark here because I have yet to make a decision on that location.

     Meanwhile, I'm putting LQ magazine on the website, because as you can see, I was their 'cover girl'!  Sometimes, when I see that pile of books, I can't believe I've actually written them all.  And please don't ask me which is my favorite - each one of them and their characters means something special to me, from the Mandarin Lai Tsin in Fortune is a Woman, to Maudie and Brigid in Legacy of Secrets,  And of course the beautiful Leonie, and in the sequel her daughter Peach.  But then there's Preshy in my new novel, Meet Me In Venice, and Rosalia in Capri, and Lamour in Amalfi, and Rafaella in Provence…. When I'm writing these women, I almost become them, I think for them, feel for them… it's very personal. Which brings me back full circle to the beginning of this Newsletter, where I say I think you know me through my books.  Now you understand why.

     As you probably know, most of my novels are also available on Audio.  It's fascinating to hear them read out loud by wonderful actresses who catch the spirit and the accents so superbly, and therefore I'm trying to obtain permission to put the first chapters of a couple of the novels on the website, so you can hear them and see how different it is from the 'reading' experience.  Of course, its also wonderful for those with vision problems (I wore glasses from the age of three, little round gold wire things that were the bane of my life) I've since progressed to contacts but I wear glasses for work, and for reading - but anyway I know the difficulties of poor eyesight. 

     The holidays turned out to be more hectic then expected, but great fun, spent with good friends.  One of my favorite gifts was a tiny jewelled Estée Lauder powder compact - just the right size to slip into your evening bag.  Plus I wore a very sexy black dress and boots New Years Eve - starting off the New Year right, I thought.

There is rarely time to respond personally.   I do apologize for that, but it's not neglect, its simply time pressure.  Writing a novel every year takes most of my time, then there's the, edit, copy edit, proof reading - all the mechanics of publication - as well as researching and outlining the next book.

     I hope your New Year is a Happy - and warm - one (it's freezing out here in the desert - in the 30's at night) and I wish you success in all your ventures.  Keep on reading, my friends - and I will keep on writing.

All my good wishes,



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