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Dear Readers, Friends,

I can’t believe that my new book, (published July 8 and in the stores now) is my twenty-sixth! I remember so well the day I started writing, sitting on the terrace of an English house, deep in the countryside, with the bees in the lavender hedge and for once the sun shining. I had no experience, I simply wanted to write and had the idea for a novel – no it was simply a story then – but once I started, I couldn’t stop! I wrote fifteen hundred pages, by hand, and that story became my first novel, LEONIE (in Europe its title was PRIVATE DESIRES). It is about a young girl’s progress through life and love and her fatal attraction to a powerful man that ultimately ends in tragedy, and yet redemption for her. It’s set in turn of the century Paris and the South of France and I know it will keep you as absorbed by the unfolding mystery and love-story it was when writing it.


Twenty six years later and I’m writing contemporary fiction starring Malibu PI Mac Reilly and his lover and sidekick, Sunny Alvarez, whose investigations take them from Palm Springs, California, to Tuscany, (ONE OF THOSE MALIBU NIGHTS) to the South of France THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT ST. TROPEZ) and the latest, IT ALL BEGAN IN MONTE CARLO…. which also transports you via my words and images, to Prague and to Mumbai, India, tripping over bodies and mysteries and love affairs along the way.

I had so much pleasure writing these novels. All the stories come from my heart and personal experience, as well as my head – and no I don’t know Exactly where they all come from, they are simply there.

Right now I’m in the middle of writing my next novel, to be published in 2011, and tentatively titled THE BARCELONA AFFAIR. More on that later, when it’s finished and I can begin to live normally again.

Writing is a solitary business, and I am so engrossed and involved in the story in my head, sometimes it’s difficult to think about my real life. But, when I’ve finished, I’ll be off with Richard on my travels, to France to visit friends and drink that good coffee and eat too much good food and share ‘Real Life’ again. I can’t wait.

Meanwhile, let me take you on a journey to Monte Carlo. I guarantee you will be able to smell that coffee, taste that food, feel the sun on your back, dip into romance and sex and trip over a couple of bodies en route. All to be solved by Mac Reilly, the Malibu PI and his beloved Sunny… who just happens to have run off to Monte Carlo without him… (to be continued in the book!)

All my good wishes, and thanks,





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