My next Hardback, FROM BARCELONA WITH LOVE will be published in July.

My latest novel "It All Began In Monte Carlo" Hardcover and e-book in the stores now.
Paperback will be in stores in May.

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"There's Something About St. Tropez"still available in Stores on ebooks for Kindle, Nook & other ebook devices.

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My latest novel "It All Began In Monte Carlo" Hardcover and e-book is in the stores Now.
Paperback will be in stores in May.

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July 13 issue (double issue with Michael Jackson on cover)
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Publishers Weekly Review

In bestseller Adler's sparkling sequel to One of Those Malibu Nights, PI Mac Reilly, the star of TV's Mac Reilly's Malibu Mysteries, and his fiancée, Sunny Alvarez, are looking forward to spending June at Chez La Violette, a villa they've rented in St. Tropez. Sunny arrives first, only to discover that they've been scammed, along with a number of others who thought they were renting a fancy house on the French Riviera. An enchanting subplot involving the cute but realistic Laureen, who befriends an abandoned 11-year-old boy staying at the hotel, lifts an escapist éclair into something more substantial.

Read about the new book in the 'Beach Read' feature of USA Today, July 2nd.

Dear Readers, Friends,

I’ve finally pulled myself together and gotten down to writing to you again, after finishing yet another book, and starting on the one after that!  Sometimes my head is so stuffed with the lives of my characters, it seems to leave very little time for my own.  But now I’m determined to be more disciplined, though the truth is I could fritter a day away so lazily, simply having a cup of coffee and gazing at the view from my patio, across the pool and to the lake and the golf course, verdant as any English manor-house lawn (I know all about English manor houses since I lived in one for a few years, all crumbling stone walls, no insulation, freezing in winter when the big log fires in the enormous grate were a necessity and not an accessory, but it had ‘charm’.)  Besides English lawns are not too ‘verdant' in winter, the way they are here, in – of all places where you would not expect to find much green – the desert.


    This is probably our most beautiful time of year:  the close-in mountains are still snow-capped, the palm trees silhouetted black against the hard blue of the sky, and a rich riot of fuchsia, scarlet and purple bougainvillea, blossoming wildly from the extra rain we got this season, and all the streets and roads aglow with flowers.  And this in winter, when half the world is freezing.
         But, apart from the beauty, I’m already thinking of summer and although I know its not correct and I shouldn’t do it – and I have not done it in years – I’m allowing myself to sunbathe, just a little.  The reason is I succumbed to an impulse buy – in Target – a green and white striped bikini with little ties on the hipbones, a halter neck – and a large expanse of white in-between.  I’m so afraid I look like a white sausage, and now I must either get a tan, or get rid of the bikini, or go for the spray tan. 
         The choices overwhelm me, especially when, as I said, my head is full of other choices, one of which is the names of my characters.  Creating someone on a page, a written person, is in a way, like giving birth.  Then the names have to fit the people, who in my stories do not come onto the page newborn, but fully grown with all the flaws and imperfections, the physical characteristics, good or bad.  My novels always have those mysterious ‘bad’ people who have to be sorted out by, these days, my gallant PI, Mac Reilly, who as well as what he calls his ‘day-job’ as a PI, also has his own successful TV show Mac Reilly’s Malibu Mysteries, where he reinvestigates old Hollywood murders, and some new ones on the side, usually with the help of his beautiful fiancée.  Well, his on-and-off fiancée because that’s the way their relationship goes, even though passion conquers all in the end!  And of course, true love, though marriage is currently on the back-burner after the debacle in Monte Carlo last year (read all about it in my latest novel due in the stores in July, It All Began In Monte Carlo.)
        And then of course, I have my own life to get on with, as well as theirs, so you can see how things get tangled up, especially with my cats – my loves – Sweet Pea, the Siamese with, I swear, the biggest yowl in the country, and our rescue cat, the beautiful black, golden-eyed Sunny, who was left at two-weeks-old dying on the steps of the rescue facility that we are proud to support. 
.......Sunny is basically feral, I swear he did not ‘speak’ for two years, not a single meow, until clever Sweet Pea finally taught him how.  He still does not purr – he never learned the knack – nor, probably, does he know what purring means.  But he surely knows where the food cupboard is, and he also loves to sit on the chair next to me when I’m writing (as of this moment in the dining room) and has finally, at seven-years-old managed to figure out how to sit on my husband’s lap, because he adores Richard. 
Sweet Pea, on the other hand, is a know-it-all; there’s nothing she can’t do, including ‘talking’ when I’m on the phone, and inching herself between Richard and myself in bed, then refusing to move all night.  Or bouncing on her hind legs to catch a ball and swat it back, plus she has this fantastic running gait, all four legs criss-crossing, that’s surely crazy and funny and unique. 
......Anyhow, I love them, and I love also Mac Reilly’s one-eyed three-legged rescued mutt, Pirate, who could win Malibu’s Ugliest Dog contest, easy, and who is his best buddy.  As well as Sunny’s chihuahua, Tesoro – all three pounds of her – the ‘fiend on four paws,’ Mac calls her.  So you see, it’s equal time for cats and dogs in this house.
......Anyway, dear readers, it’s back to the new book – the one to be published after Monte Carlo, next year, 2011, and half of which has still to be written.  This one is set in Barcelona and the wine region of Catalonia, as well as of course, in Malibu, where Mac and Sunny live.  
......Try, if you like, It All Began in Monte Carlo, or the previous book, There’s Something About St. Tropez, which was published in hard cover last year, and this June will be in the stores in trade paperback.  I guarantee you will enjoy both.  The review for St. Tropez in People magazine said ‘it all goes down as easily - and deliciously -as an ice-cold bottle of French rosé.’  Why not buy a bottle yourself and try it while you read.  I would.
......My good wishes to you, where would I be without you all?  Many thanks.





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