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I wrote my first story at elementary school when I was eight or nine, a schoolgirl mystery serial. I even read an episode to the class each week though I can't remember if it ever had an ending.

I never wrote again except long letters home from whatever country I landed up in, until my daughter went off to boarding school and then, with time on my hands, I sat down and (with a ballpoint pen on lined school-notebooks) wrote fifteen-hundred pages of what turned out to be Leonie.

I couldn't stop. I wrote all the time. Early in the morning, after dinner; in the middle of the night. I'm still surprised that my family put up with me, I was so obsessed. And I was fortunate, I found a publisher right away in the U.K. and then in the US. Leonie is still in print, thirty-seven countries and twenty-two languages later, as are my other twelve novels.

However, dear Readers and would-be-writers, I must tell you that the editor made me cut seven-hundred-and-fifty of those fifteen-hundred pages. Too long, she said, breaking my heart. (each word is golden to the author) but such is a first publishing experience.

I wonder, would you like to read Leonie in the original text, complete and unabridged with all of those 'golden words' and a lots more story? Perhaps.

A little anecdote: When Leonie (title Private Desires in the UK) was published in England, Anabelle and her school-friends went to the local W.H. Smith bookstore and found copies of my book high up on the top shelf under 'A'. (Would-be writers take note, its better to be born with initials in the middle range of the alphabet - M is more likely to be at eye-level on the shelf than A) Anyhow, Anabelle and her friends took my books off that top shelf and put them in the front of the window. Now, that's support!

MY SECOND NOVEL - and a pseudonym

After finishing the long saga of Leonie, I had a complete change of pace and immediately wrote a contemporary story, Indiscretions, about the mysterious death of a once-famous Hollywood star and the efforts of her three daughters (whom she called her little Indiscretions because each was born of a different romantic encounter in a different city) to find out who killed her and why.

Indiscretions was published under the pseudonym of ARIANA SCOTT, the reason being that it came out in the same year as Leonie and my publishers did not want to confuse readers with two completely different styles of book in such a short time span.

I followed Indiscretions with the sequel to Leonie, called Peach, which carried forward the story of Leonie's daughter and granddaughter. And then it was back to Ariana again with Fleeting Images (now both novels are published under 'Elizabeth Adler.)

How did I choose my pseudonym?
It's easy finding names for characters, but when you're faced with changing your own name, it's a puzzle. What kind of person would I feel like with a different name? How to choose? I found an answer in the English Times obituary column. I took the name Ariana from one obit and the name Scott from another. I felt sure the deceased would not have minded, and it solved a problem, though I admit, in an offbeat way.

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