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Let me tell you a basic truth about writing. Discipline is the keyword. There's no saying I don't feel inspired today, I just can't write, I think I'll go out for lunch instead. You've got to put your butt firmly on that chair and face that pc and just do it. It's a job and you have a commitment to it and to yourself, as well as to your publisher (even if you don't yet have a publisher). And believe me sitting there day after day, usually seven days a week is the key to inspiration. Just getting those characters, those situations, that plot - those words - down on paper every day, is vital. It's a case of total immersion

If you have a day-job, then writing is what you do at night or after the kids have gone to bed for as many hours as you can manage without nodding off. It's the only way I know. The truth is it'll make you boring company for the months it takes to complete your novel - but my dears, afterwards you can sink back into that comfortable sofa feeling like the cat that got the cream. You did it.


I remember when I was writing The Rich Shall Inherit.It was Christmas Eve. I had two chapters to go, just bubbling in my head. I was tired and the holiday was coming up. Everybody but me was into last-minute shopping and partying and I felt so left out. I got up that morning at five and wrote twenty-seven pages non-stop (my all-time record - never - never - to be repeated!) At five that evening I finally typed 'The End' to a background of "Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire" and snow falling over the Costwold countryside.

Just then, outside my window, I caught a glimpse of a fox, his rusty-red coat vivid against the snow, slinking through the garden into the field beyond. It was a Christmas card scene and I thanked God I was alive, that I had finished my book and that the world around me was beautiful. Exhausted, I flung myself down in front of the fire and begged someone please get me a festive glass of champagne. 'I'd finished it! And now it was Christmas.' (Perhaps when you read the final two chapters of The Rich Shall Inherit you'll think of this scene.)

And that's what writing is like. The thrill of beginning; the long hard slog; the euphoria of the finish.

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